Feedback from "Beyond Victim and Persecutor" classes...

Six weeks of the “drama triangle” has given me more skills to live an authentic centered life than many years of different therapists and self-help books. I loved that these were tools that could be used immediately with instant results. I feel empowered to make better decisions and choices and take actions that will actually accomplish what I truly desire.

Lia and Francis are impressive facilitators of this almost unheard-of but highly effective method of interpersonal communications. It is obvious that you both not only talk the talk but walk the walk. I would highly recommend this class to anyone wishing or needing a deeper meaning. Thanks so much!

Dottie Bowers

A huge learning experience. I liked that you could instantly use tools learned in the class in everyday life. Each class was new and refreshing, providing more and more insight into the dynamics of relationships.

This class has allowed me to recognize the roles and games I play, as well as those of others, and how to step out of said roles and become authentic. Francis and Lia are fun, energetic people who motivate students throughout the class, as well as push students to be real and recognize feelings. I would tell everyone and anyone to take this class. It can only benefit you and your relationships!

Nicole Monetti

This is a class that teaches how to recognize unhealthy relationship patterns between people, then teaches you how to interact in a healthier way. It was educating and exciting! I feel like I walked away with a practical and practiced skill set that I have already made use of in real life.

Francis and Lia were a great example of how to be "level" in a relationship...basically, they were constantly demonstrating their principles in the context of their own relationship.

Wow, there were so many things I loved about the class, but I have to say the best thing was that I felt a deep, strong bond with a group of wonderful people who, like me, are on a quest for richer, healthier lives.

Dawn Moon

I loved how easy the flow was with the class and teachers. They were very responsive to everyone's needs, and were able to use real life issues from the participants for everyone's learning benefit. The space was very accommodating, and the people were wonderful to learn with. I was able to receive tons of learning in a short time.

Francis and Lia work very well together and are both very knowledgeable and thoughtful in their responses to participants. I really felt safe in the learning environment they created.

Learning the VPRL triangle is an essential piece to becoming a solid individual, and if you do nothing else to further your personal growth, DO THIS!

Mark Falcone

This class has taught me to look at myself and realize that I have been playing the victim role for so long. Francis and Lia taught me how to Level – they are a great team in teaching the class. I always looked forward to the next class – Thank you for making it fun and enjoyable.

Tanya Arnone

Powerful.   Practical.   Personal.

Adam Ward