Helios Hypnotherapy

Helios Hypnotherapy was created by Lia Ayley to synthesize her extensive training and experience in the fields of psychotherapy, transpersonal psychology, and hypnotherapy.

Lia's years of practice as a psychotherapist in England gave her a deep and rich experience of the human psyche and a profound understanding of psychological healing. It also left her with a frustration that the whole process took so long.

Her desire was to develop a method of healing which would be:

  • highly effective in promoting positive change
  • highly efficient, in terms of the time required

...and which would also:

  • heal at the level of root causes, instead of just treating symptoms
  • operate holistically and in harmony with the whole self

Motivated by this desire, Lia has pioneered an approach that blends her deep understanding of psychotherapy with her experience of what Abraham Maslow called "the farther reaches of human nature," and also incorporates the amazing, life-changing benefits of hypnotherapy. This unique synthesis enables Lia to get to the heart of an issue and help you create beneficial change at a very deep level.

Helios Hypnotherapy helps you move through resistance fluidly, freeing yourself from negative patterns to create the experience of life you desire. It honors and respects every aspect of your being, and it supports you to expand into your full glory.

Helios Hypnotherapy sessions are deeply relaxing. They often include:

  • Mind-body healing when the mind and emotions are impacting physical health
  • Core reprogramming of mental and emotional patterns
  • Inner dialogue and conflict resolution powerfully facilitated by altered-state awareness
  • Regression hypnotherapy, including pre-birth and past life regression
  • Contacting higher aspects of yourself for wisdom and guidance

Each session is customized according to your unique situation and needs.

  Sessions and Fees

Helios Hypnotherapy sessions last 1½ hours and are generally organized as a series of four to eight sessions at a time. The session fee is $125 and is payable at each session. Discounts can be arranged for multiple sessions paid in advance.

  Free Consulation with Lia

If you would like to know more, I offer a 20-minute free consultation to anyone interested in finding out about the benefits of my work. A consultation can take place in person or over the phone, as you prefer.

A consultation is an opportunity for you to learn more about how I work, get answers to any questions you may have, and meet with me if you like. It gives both of us a chance to get to know each other and discover whether working together feels right.

Contact me to arrange a consultation, to book a session, or just to find out more. I look forward to helping you create a wonderful life.