Healing Hypnotherapy

Helios Hypnotherapy blends the amazing, life-changing benefits of hypnotherapy with a profound understanding of depth psychology and what Abraham Maslow called "the farther reaches of human nature."

This unique synthesis helps you get right to the heart of your issues and facilitates beneficial change and healing at a deep level. Clients have reported that sessions with Lia have catalyzed shifts in areas that proved resistant to other methods.

The work may include:

  • Mind-body healing, when the mind or emotions are affecting physical health
  • Core reprogramming of mental and emotional patterns
  • Inner dialogue and inner conflict resolution, facilitated by altered-state awareness
  • Regression hypnotherapy, including pre-birth and past life regression
  • Experience of higher sources of wisdom and guidance

Sessions are held in person in Bellingham, WA, or via internet.

Meredith Murray

I have known Lia for about 14 years and I want to highly recommend Lia Ayley's skills as a Hypnotherapist.  Lia is very well trained and highly intuitive as she guides her clients through this deep and very personal process.

Whether it is into a past life for insights for this lifetime, or meeting Guides and Angels for answers to life's challenges, her compassion and expertise are invaluable.  She has helped me so much to recover my wounded "inner child" and to clear huge emotional blocks that were holding me back.  I refer people to her without reservation!

Rev. Meredith Ann Murray

The biggie for me was being able to release whatever it was that held me prisoner to emotional eating. It was like being chained to food. Now, not being enslaved to food, but merely enjoying food for satiating my hunger and fueling my body, has been amazing. I guess I'd call it a miracle. I've actually told people that I see it as if someone was an alcoholic for decades and then, almost overnight, they don't need to drink anymore, the need is completely gone.

To date I've lost 52 pounds, without any struggle at all. Yes, I have to plan, but I'm not fighting myself, I'm not struggling. I've been able to change what I am eating so easily. [2017 update: Sue has now lost 91 pounds.]

I was diagnosed as diabetic in April. Three months later I did another blood test, and I'm no longer diabetic. [Note: Sue's blood sugar is now in the normal range.] Looking at my blood sugar problems, Lia had me go to the part of my body that needed attention, and it ended up being my heart. I though I was going to end up in my pancreas, because it was my blood sugar. No. It was my heart. Doing that healing was amazing.

The session we did on body image also changed me profoundly. Now I'm not critical of my body, I don't sit there looking at myself in disgust or disdain. I appreciate my body very much and really like it for what it does for me. I think about it differently. That's been quite a gift, to be so accepting of myself.

I feel so much better, emotionally, physically… I feel very changed as a person, in the best possible ways. I have so much more peace in my heart, in my soul. It takes a lot more to get me riled up about anything. It's like I see a bigger picture of life. People talk about, “Don't sweat the small stuff,” and these days I really, really get that. I'm in a much, much, much better place now than ever before.

Sue Snyder

Lia provides a depth that is rare and important for those of us who care about our spiritual journeys. She brings a combination of genuine personal growth, valuable education and experience as a counselor that is hard to match. She's one of the few colleagues I would deeply trust with my own spiritual needs and would feel safe trusting to guide me (or my clients) through personal hurts and concerns.

Amy "Bear Paw" Piper, MA, BCC, IMn
Private Guidance, Healing Vessel and Business Coach

Lia Ayley

  Free Consultation with Lia

If you are interested in working with me, the first step is to book a complimentary consultation with me.

A consultation is an opportunity for you to learn more about how I work and get answers to any questions you may have.

It gives both of us a chance to get to know each other and discover whether working together feels right.

We can do this in person in Bellingham, WA, or via internet.

Call or email me to arrange a consultation. You can find out more about my background here.