New directions for Francis and Lia

We have retired the Core Truth Institute website, as our work has moved on to new adventures in recent years. You can find out about our current work by visiting the links below:

  Healing Hypnotherapy

Helios Hypnotherapy blends the amazing, life-changing benefits of hypnotherapy with a profound understanding of depth psychology and what Abraham Maslow called "the farther reaches of human nature."

This unique synthesis helps you get right to the heart of your issues and facilitates beneficial change and healing at a deep level. Clients have reported that sessions with Lia have catalyzed shifts in areas that proved resistant to other methods.

The work may include:

  • Mind-body healing, when the mind or emotions are affecting physical health
  • Core reprogramming of mental and emotional patterns
  • Inner dialogue and inner conflict resolution, facilitated by altered-state awareness
  • Regression hypnotherapy, including pre-birth and past life regression
  • Experience of higher sources of wisdom and guidance

Currently, all hypnotherapy sessions with Lia are held online.