New directions for Francis and Lia

We have retired the Core Truth Institute website, as our work has moved on to new adventures in recent years. You can find out about our current work by visiting the links below:

  What is Core Truth?

Your Core Truth is that part of you which lies deep within your heart, waiting to be discovered. It is your deepest inner essence, that which makes you who you are.

Contacting this deep inner essence creates a pathway for transpersonal energy to flow into and through your being, allowing you to become even more of that which you were born to be

Unlike other aspects of your psyche, when you reach your Core Truth, there is no need to go any further, as you are face to face with your own Divine essence, that part of you which is eternal, unchanging, and strong.

There is a design within your heart, created by the architect of your being, your soul, a blueprint to your optimum functioning and full self-expression. Contacting and fulfilling this design can light up your life and lead you on the path to true greatness, a path which is open to everyone.

All the strands of our work are ultimately focused on facilitating this process, on helping you bring your core truth clearly and powerfully into the world.