Classes & Workshops

We are currently scheduling classes for the remainder of 2017 and 2018. Classes will include:

 The Empowered Relationship Training

Francis Ayley
There are three mortal enemies of healthy, satisfying relationships: the aggressive, bullying Persecutor, the helpless, disempowered Victim, and the stressed-out Rescuer. These roles (and their many subtle variants) are built into the fabric of our society, and they consistently poison our relationships with ourselves, with others, and with spirit.

This course will teach you to see and step out of these deadly dynamics in order to create the alternative: skillful, authentic and satisfying relationships.

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for details.

 Tarot: The Path of the Initiate

Francis Ayley
In this one-year course, Francis teaches the fundamentals of Gnosis Tarot.
You will experience the archetypal energies behind each Tarot card, and learn to connect with these living energies to do powerful and accurate readings for yourself and others.

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for details.

 The Path of Initiation

Francis & Lia Ayley
Light on the seven-fold path.
Initiation is the doorway to higher consciousness and becoming fully functional as a human being. There are seven aspects of the path that leads to this experience, all of which must be mastered.

On this course, you will experience these seven aspects and gain the skills and understanding you need to tread this path safely and successfully.

Taught by Francis and Lia.   Contact Francis for details.