New directions for Francis and Lia

We have retired the Core Truth Institute website, as our work has moved on to new adventures in recent years. You can find out about our current work by visiting the links below:

Lia Ayley, CMS-CHT

Lia Ayley

Lia Ayley is dedicated to helping people heal in body, mind and spirit, and create positive, lasting change in their lives.

For 12 years, Lia worked as a UKCP-accredited psychotherapist in Britain, where she gained extensive experience and training in psychosynthesis (a transpersonal approach to psychotherapy), humanistic psychotherapy, gestalt therapy, and guided imagery. While in private practice in London, Lia worked with individuals and couples, co-managed a busy psychotherapy center, and designed and ran many groups and workshops.

After returning to the United States, Lia trained as a hypnotherapist in the USA and Canada. She is a graduate of the renowned Hypnotherapy Academy of America, a Fellow of the International Board of Hypnotherapy, and a certified clinical and medical support hypnotherapist.

Drawing on her extensive psychotherapy background, plus 800+ hours of hypnotherapy training and thousands of hours of client sessions, Lia helps her clients get to the core of their issues and transform them at the level of the deep subconscious mind. She is adept at helping her clients connect with a higher wisdom that facilitates healing and empowers change.

In individual sessions, Lia specializes in regression hypnotherapy and in mind-body healing. Her work includes pre-natal and past life regression, healing and resolving past trauma, and helping clients with health issues, including surgery preparation and accelerated healing.

Lia is also clairaudient and has over two decades of experience with meditation, spiritual practice, and receiving higher guidance. Her deep understanding of the relationship between psyche and spirit creates a powerful synergy in her work.

Francis Ayley

Francis Ayley

Francis Ayley has spent a lifetime delving into the mysteries, and empowering people to create positive change.

With a British training in humanistic psychotherapy and an extensive background in both hard- and soft-style martial arts, Francis worked as a consultant psychotherapist for 14 years, specializing in the management and prevention of violence. He designed and ran training courses for thousands of social services staff and others who work with the public in the UK, empowering them to understand victim-persecutor dynamics and intervene effectively in violent or potentially violent situations.

Francis has been a psychic and a seer since early childhood, and has practiced Buddhist meditation since the age of 18. His compelling desire to understand the non-physical worlds motivated him to study psychological astrology and Tarot, and he quickly recognized the immense value of these spiritual tools. For nearly 40 years, Francis has dedicated himself to the study and teaching ofTarot and astrology, as tools for traveling the path to higher consciousness and for living a skillful, fulfilling life. He has been privileged to study with exceptional teachers, and has given astrology and Tarot readings to thousands of people in the UK, the USA and internationally.

In classes and individual sessions, Francis acts as a catalyst, assisting people to re-align themselves with theircore truth and re-discover their power for effective action.

Francis has also devoted many years to discovering the truth about economics and the money system and enabling people to take back economic power into their own hands. He is the founder of two successful alternative currency systems: North London LETS in the UK, and Fourth Corner Exchange in the US.