New directions for Francis and Lia

We have retired the Core Truth Institute website, as our work has moved on to new adventures in recent years. You can find out about our current work by visiting the links below:

  What We Believe and What We Do

We believe that all people - all genders, sexualities, races, abilities and ages - all of us have a beautiful, clear, and radiant energy within us that is calling us to express it in our lives.

We also believe that every part and aspect of ourselves, no matter how distorted or problematic, has a powerful positive energy at its core. We have seen that when this positive energy is liberated, the results can be astonishing.

Recognizing this potential, we choose to use our skills, talents, and therapeutic experience in the service of helping others connect with the wisdom, power, and energy deep within them, so that they can channel this energy into their lives in an expanded, clear, and grounded way.

This may mean:

  • healing emotional wounds
  • creating new, life-affirming patterns of behavior and thought
  • developing the skills to express core truth in relationship

It can also mean:

  • receiving clarity from a higher perspective
  • connecting with guides and other healing presences
  • developing the ability to receive clear, accurate inner guidance