We are currently transitioning our work with individuals to a new website, PathOfInitiation.com.

  Discover Core Truth

At the Core Truth Institute, we help you connect to your inner wisdom, that vibrational resonance that reveals your “true north.”

Core truth is our way of describing this core identity: the blueprint of your essential self.

Making contact with your core truth releases a flow of positive energy into your life. Yet external influences (past or present) and our own habitual thoughts can make it challenging for us to experience this connection.

Our work helps you move beyond these influences into a clearer alignment of self and spirit.

It propels you forward on your path to the unique expression of who you are, and provides tools to help you create the life you choose.

Our work can help you to:

  • know your wisest choice
  • break free from negative patterns
  • heal yourself in mind and body
  • connect deeply with others

We do this through:

Whether you are looking for healing, clarity, happiness, success, or simply a stronger connection with your intuitive wisdom, we look forward to assisting you to discover this wisdom and power within you.

Lia Ayley and Francis Ayley